Chemical industry equipment, tanks, reactors and other products used by companies operating in the chemical industry generally have to be able to work under high pressure and vacuum. They must be able to withstand large temperature differences. Our products and project solutions addressing the chemical industry are carefully designed with the help of our expertise on processes below:

  • Fermentation Process
  • Separation and Media Preperation
  • Critical Cooling and Heating Operations
  • Heat Exchange and Condensation
  • Distillation and Crystallization
  • Sulfuric, Nitric, Hydrochloric Acid Handling

Whether it is high pressure, vacuum, critical temperature or high efficiency, GEO has the cost-effective solution for your specific requirements. Some of our most requested solutions for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries are:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Reactors and High Shear Mixers
  • Purification & filtration systems
  • Cyclones & Dust Collectors
  • Polymerisation Ovens
  • CIP Systems
Chemical Industry Products

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